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Extech Oscilloscopes

Extech Oscilloscopes

The complete line of Extech Instruments, Oscilloscopes and accessories are available today at Order on-line or find everything you should know about Extech Digital Oscilloscopes, including datasheets, manuals and software downloads.

Extech Oscilloscopes are an indespensable tool for designers, manufacturers and anyone performing repairs to electronic equipment. Digital Oscilloscopes allow you to measure most everything and provides the information to the user in an easy to see, easy to understand format.
    Extech Oscilloscopes Features:
  • large, bright color LCD display,
  • Peak Detect,
  • Automatic Measurements,
  • Waveform Math,
  • USB interface.
Save time and money ordering on-line today or call Linda Holley toll free 877-434-7077 if you have questions or need technical assistance.

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Model Features
Click Me!Extech MS420 20 MHz, 100 MS/s, 2 Channels
Click Me!Extech MS460 60 MHz, 250 MS/s, 2 Channels
Click Me!Extech MS6060 60 MHz, 125 MS/s, 2 Channels
Click Me!Extech MS6100 100 MHz, 500 MS/s, 2 Channels
Click Me!Extech MS6200 200 MHz, 500 MS/s, 2 Channels